City of speed-breakers ruins my running

Bangalore, the city of speed breakers has put a temporary halt to my running. And it has runied my chances of running the Ultra Marathon, I was preparing for running the 52kms. I was definitely fit this time compared to previous occassaions with constant running of 30kms every Sunday coupled with 10kms run 3 days in a week. I even got back into shape lost all excess fat which I had accumulated over 1yr of no running due to ligament tear injury.
What happened today? When I was running early in the morning, the cab headlight blinded my sight and I over stepped on a speed breaker. I lost my balance and in the end twisted my ankle. Luckily I did not injure my already only 50% fit knees. But I dont think I would get back in shape before the Ultra Marathon and even if I do, I wouldnt want to risk it that I become a non-runner after this.
This also probably marked my last run for this year (2007) and I hope, pray that starting 2008 I can again start with my short runs to become fit again for the Mumbai Marathon.

Nothings been positive for past few weeks. I was down with fever and heavy cold. The cold persisted that I had to cancel Coorg trip with Kribs and few other tensions and now this.
I could only recollect Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb song “The dream is gone, but I have become comfortably numb”. Without any comfort.

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6 thoughts on “City of speed-breakers ruins my running

  1. @sandeep
    i hope so… sometimes its a world of hope & shattered dreams…
    hws ur road trip on bullet going on?? did u make a movie also of ur journey so far??

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  3. bleddy cab drivers and bleddy speed breakers, both of which i hate with absolute passion! this must be the only city that doesn’t have marking on speedbreakers. god only knows, who these fools are. they’re so useless! anyway, i can go on and on.

    but pity you’re missing the marathon, but you’re right. no point risking the knee now. am sure you’ll be back again, soon! by that, time i should be able to do at least 10 without collapsing in between 😉

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