Indian epic and Politics

On Sunday there was a nice article by TJ S George in Indian Express. In the article he writes how Vyasa had written in Mahabaratha about King fostering their son’s even forgetting what their prime task was. He compares this with Indian politics in 21st century. Well, its not only today Jawaharlal Nehru promoted Indira Gandhi, she her son Rajiv Gandhi, Rajiv made sure his wife Sonia would be there to bring their kids. Now Sonia has brought in Rahul and Priyanka is not far behind. Its not only restricted to National politics even the State politics is much the same. Laloo Prasad Yadav has brought in his two sons, Bal Thackeray, Deve Gowda, M Karunanidhi, Ramdoss, Murasoli Maran; all of them are the same. Everyone wants their kids to continue the lineage.

Even in Ramayana the story is almost the same. Who should be the next heir to the throne rather than finding the suitable guy to the post. Favoritism is the word.
But this is not restricted to just Indian Politics. Its the same all over the world. America, Iraq, Pakistan to name a few and one can find similar stuff.

Why don’t we have real good leaders who can make a difference. Why are the natural leaders not brought to the fore but leadership is forced on some who survive just by earlier generations.

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