World is so small and round

1. Today morning I finished 5km run and joined few RFL’ers for another 10km run. Well, one of the runners who joined in had passed out from my college Regional Engineering College, Trichy (now National Institute of Technology, Trichy) 20yrs before I joined the college.
2. Some of unknown persons and known persons in social networking sites while browsing through casually have friends who are also my friends!! Though I think none of us know the other exists as friends in the network!!
3. After the run I cleaned the house. Cleaning includes sweeping, dusting and mopping!! And of course washing utensils.
4. Washed load of clothes. Unfortunately I dont have a washing machine to do the job so depend on my hands and legs to support the task!!
5. Cooked food, well cooking is a wonderful job but the worst part is cleaning & washing the utensils.

Doing all stuff by oneself is really tiring but interesting. And this is a nice way to kill sometime which might otherwise be spent lazing around!!
The day is so far so good.


3 thoughts on “World is so small and round

  1. Hi

    I am Ganesh Srinivasan, class of 1977, REC Trichy. I am currently a Freelancing Management Consultant, operating from my home office in Bangalore

    Which batch of REC T are you from? where are you now and what do you do?

    Nice to meet another REC / NIT T guy in the virtual world

    Warm Regards / Ganesh Srinivasan

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