Marathon after a year

In 2006 at Delhi I stopped running Marathon after knee pain became unbearable. In 2007 due to emotions I start off at the same place. I did feel slightly emotional after crossing the finish line, since I had gone ahead with the run even tho many people advised me not to including the doctors. Am still not sure if my ligament tear has fully healed also.
The timing of finishing the half marathon was personally not my best but I had to keep in mind my injury so didnt exert too much. I was happy with finishing in 2hrs and 11mins. With a practise of just under 3 weeks I feel this effort was good and am looking forward to better it in Bangalore Marathon and Bangalore Ultra Marathon to beheld in December this year.
The run for half marathon started at 7:45am with some mannerless guys who just wanted to rush as soon the run was flagged off and halted after first 2-3kms. The worst part was these guys dont even care about other runners and which is why I dont call them runners. I took one end of the road so that others wouldnt trip me down or stamp my feet still some of these guys managed to almost trip me. The worst is when they run between me & another runner putting all the three in danger.
I was able to manage a steady pace of 6mins/km but during the end I started feeling some amount of pain due to lack of regular practise. I should mention that two weeks of running in Chennai did help to a large extent in completing the run.
The heat was slightly on the higher side but was not worse. The difficult section was when running from Parliment towards India Gate facing the sun at around 9:00am in the morning. Yeah, 1hr after the start and I was close to 11km mark.

Now that I was able to complete, now I should look forward to improve on timings with more practise and stamina building. Hopefully the rains in Bangalore would stop permitting me to cycle and run to work.

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8 thoughts on “Marathon after a year

  1. @tanvir @young J @sundar @PP

    thnx a lot for the wishes… looking forward to running many more and of course the Ultra on December 16th 2007…
    May ur wishes be with me always & give me support…

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