So many problems

1. Chennai corporation is digging all over the city that once the rains sets in another few weeks all the areas would become slippery with so much of mud (slush) on the roads.
2. If digging in some areas is for storm water drainage, how can the electricity & other departments be left behind?
3. Whether it is cement road or tar road digging is part & parcel of every department so they do their work. Who cares “Make hay wile the sun shines” is re-written to “Dig roads while sun shines”
4. If Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) bus jumps a signal its not a violation. Nor is it a violation when they dont follow lane discipline.
5. MTC has introduced automatic door closing deluxe buses and Volvo. Yes, I finally saw volvo buses on Chennai roads. But the only difference from Bangalore volvo is that in Chennai due to heat and humidity the air conditioner needs to be set higher so the profits need to be watched.
6. Helmets for two wheeler riders have been mandatory after High Court took strong note against the goverment. Yes, still one can find riders without them but there is atleast 80% people wearing it. Which also means only about 15 – 20% is the collection for police from non-adhering riders.
7. With so many vehicles on the road and to prevent situation like in Bangalore I think the Goverment has to act fast and make a new law that employees dont use private vehicles on weekedays between 7:00am to 9:00pm for travelling to office and use only office transport or public transport.

Tags: Chennai, India


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