RTMC 6A – Coorg

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club gave a different experience during 5th anniversary at Yercaud and a whole complete difference over the weekend celebrating 6th anniversary.
On Satuday, 7 of us part of Royal Knights were invited by RTMC for the anniversary and 6 of us rode together as a group thru the journey at a speed of 60km/hr – 70km/hr. On the way of course there cant be a ride without some problems in the bike and the same bike had the same problem again. The soldering in the coil had come off and one of the bike’s dint start after that. With a little bit of push the bike was towed till the nearest village where there was a mechanic to fix it up, tho he was opening an Royal Enfield bike for first time ever!

We continued on the journey with few more stoppages and finally reached Capitol Village in Madikeri around 4:00pm. And of course driving in the rain.
(Everyone’s happy to be in focus)

(Wondering, what the hell is happening)

(Two vehicles which can take the load one with animal power and another on diesel)

Well this time there was just partying and no events unlike last time. Yeah, last year it was for 3 days but this time it was for 2 days and that made lot of difference plus Capitol Village couldnt accomodate all the people.
On Sunday after finishing brunch by around 2:00pm we started our journey back and this time we took the highway instead of Ghats and that was a big big mistake. While it was supposed to be highway there was actually no highway. After a point of time it wasnt making any sense to indicate potholes to others since there was no road at all, it was potholes all through. This was the condition of the highway till Kushalnagar or after the Monastery. This stretch made most of us tired.
Rains spared us on this stretch luckily but dint when we hit the Mysore Highway towards Bangalore. And me wearing spectacles it was all the more difficult. Twice I had to stop to wipe water from my glasses. It was getting difficult to ride with water on glasses and also helmet visor. After Maddur Cafe Coffee Day where we took a break I lost all the others in the group, but I managed to reach Bangalore safely and earlier than others since I didnt stop anywhere apart from cleaning my glasses.
The ride left me with some body pain and cold but not in a very bad condition. On the whole, the ride up and down was great.


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