Travel Diary from Budapest – Day 1 – Tale of ticketless traveller

As planned I got up by 6:00am and went down to the river 30mins later. There wasnt space to take a long walk on this side of the river so sat down on the steps and watched the river flow as it touched the steps and passed up. Sometime later quite strange the water level increased and the flow was heavy. I had a feeling that there was some discharge into the river at this point. Otherwise I could see no reason how the water level suddenly rose.
Afte spending about an hr I walked to the same shop bought some stuff for my breakfast and went off to sleep. I wanted to get up by 10:00 to make a phone call but then sleep took over with the tiredness and I finally managed to get up by 12:00pm. It was pretty sunny tho not hot and sultry. I made the phone calls and after bath went for having my lunch with the usual customaries. Bus No.6 from here goes to West End City Center, the stop name is Nyugati Palyaudvar. This is funny,, I got into the bus but here unlike in Germany the driver does not issue ticket. There were no ticket booths either inside the bus nor in the stop. So, I travelled without a ticket!!
(Reminds of Chennai)

West End City Center is a huge shopping area but should be less than Spencer Plaza in Chennai. There are also shops in the subway much akin to what one sees in Pondy Bazar of Burma Bazar in Chennai. Depending on your budget you can get goods from either place!! After about 3hrs of window shopping I finally decided that it was time to head back and took the bus no. 6. This time I took a ticket and it costs 230ft (Hungarian Currency). Getting slightly familiar with the locality I was able to identify where to get down. After getting down I again went back to the river to spend the next 1hr. I finished my dinner and back to apartment and now time to get some sleep. Morrow I hope there would be a conductor in the train and hopefully no ticketless travel.


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