Autograph Me – Campaign

Ganesh and I are planning to take part in this year’s Indian Autorickshaw Challenge Classic Rally, which is taking place this December. During the race, every team is supposed to do charity work worth $1,500 (Almost Rs.70k approx.).
So we have come up with this crazy campaign, which helps you take part in this charity work by scribbling your website url, slogan, autograph on our auto for just 100 bucks (yes yes, Indian bucks).

1) Well you probably will never go thro’ those villages ever in your life, to do those charity work.
2) You can’t bring much change with just Rs. 100. But we guys can collect all the money and make a permanent change in the lives of the needy, for the good.
3) Good publicity for your website.
4) How often do you get to do a graffiti on an auto and get away with it?
5) Just for the heck of it. A lot of people are doing it so go ahead and do it. It is the in thing 😛

If you are interested head on to You can also pay the cash in person to either of us (Sathish and me). You can fax your autograph/slogan/url if you can’t come here in person to scribble it on the auto.
Please do spread the word and if you can’t support us monetarily, you can always join us in spirit by being a part of this facebook community.

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