Alternative engery resources

What amazes me is why do not all states in India along the coastal region not try to generate power through Wind energy. When I travel through TamilNadu I see lot of windmills generating power but one cannot find as many in even neighbouring states of Kerala or Andhra Pradesh or Karnataka.
Especially such a power project would help Karnataka to a large extent. Where even in the IT city, Bangalore there is interrupted power supply. Especially in the summer months where power goes off for more than 2-3hrs. Karnataka has long stretch of coast from Mangalore till Karwar and how much of it is being utilised is a big question.

“However, except Tamil Nadu which tops in wind energy production by producing 3,200 MW in the country’s total production of 5,000 MW, this renewable energy has not been fully tapped by other States to meet the growing energy needs of the country, the chairman noted.”

Hope this would change in years to come and other states would also invest in wind energey production.

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One thought on “Alternative engery resources

  1. What about using Brown Gas:







    “I will not sellout to any big company because they are all the same, protecting their interests”, he said.
    “People before have had similar inventions to mine and they have sold out and nothing has been heard of then inventions again”.

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