Markonahalli Ride

Royal Knights started off on a ride to Markonahalli yesterday. To reach Markonahalli the route would be Bangalore – Neelamangal – Kunigal – Markonahalli. From Kunigal you need to take a left turn from where the reservoir is around 10kms. The total distance would be aroun 90kms.
Initially we were 6 bullets with also the new 500 Machismo making its appearance. 6 bullets & 7 people started off on the ride at 7:00am from Mekhri Circle. The first halt to be was Kunigal for breakfast. Here one more bulleter joined us. The initial plan was to return by time for lunch to Kunigal. Later turned out that it was next to impossible.

Seeing the lake bed and enthu of few others, most started doing off-roading. Couple of them went up and down the sand banks in full filmi style. The photos are available here.
Inbetween my bike had some clutch issues, though nothing major. And ofcourse I did not do much of off-roading since the bike is my bro’s.
After much of riding inside the bed by around 1:30pm we decided to return, which was when one of the bikes refused to start. Few hours of trying to fix the bike and sometime later two others went in hunt for a mechanic. The mechanic did come finally and did not take much time to start it up!! Learning what also can go wrong.
When we reached back to Bangalore for dinner, it was 9:00pm!! More than 12hrs but less time spent in riding. Whatever little riding was done was just amazing, never done it before.
The good thing about this ride and the club is when one bulleter had problem all others stayed around.

The best photo I liked.


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