Make Your Trip – Preparation

With my Hungary trip getting cancelled in last minute, now I have good time to prepare myself for the trip.
Things I need to buy during the weekend would be:
1. Backpack bag (heard in Commercial street one gets good & cheap ones)
2. Shoe (Not sure I would need a new one, tho could do with one more on the rack)
3. Pen knife kit (Need to check on sharpness of blade)

What I got with me currently:
1. Diary for writing travelogue time-wise. This entire stuff would not be made available on blog.
2. Slippers
3. Umbrella
4. Water Bottle
5. Soap
6. First Aid kit

I also looked into MSN maps to get rough route map. Some of places listed in Google Maps are not listed in MSN maps. MSN looks only for road routes. The rough estimate of distance we would be covering is 3500kms. It could be more than this.
If any reader of this blog is travelling from Bangalore on any direction, I would be grateful to them for the offer of dropping me.

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