Storm Water Drains??

15 minutes of heavy rainfall at around 6:10pm today evening and you know what would have happened.
From Wipro Office till Maharaja Restaurant the water has been flowing down with good force and also reached the height of pavement. Why is the water flowing on the road while storm water drains were cleaned up some time back. Thats because of the construction material blocking them, material belonging to the constructions currently happening on the stretch on which had happened few months back. The end result??
Its not only that, what surprises further is companies and shops which can direct the water into the drains are actually not doing so. The entire flow of water from these buildings are onto the road.
This flow makes it difficult to find where in the pavement is an opening and where is it closed. Better is to walk on the middle of the road but you know speeding call center cabs can run over you.
Theres more. The water from the storm water drain outside Raheja Apartments at the junction flows out onto the road to add to the existing volume of water.

Thanks to all you guys, you make walking on the road during rains a nightmare.

Tags: Wipro, Koramangala, Bangalore, India


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