Citibank & Wrong Call

Yesterday night I got a phone call from Citibank regarding payment of Ready Credit Amount which I had apparently not used. They had called up my home in Chennai and got my number. Below follows the conversation.
Citibank: Am I speaking to Sathish Babu.
Me: No, am Sathish K
C: Yeah, Sathish. You have to pay your Ready Credit Amount of 3,987.
M: I have not used any amount in recent time. My online account showed 0.00 as balance.
C: But Sir, you have to pay.
M: Why should I pay when I have not used it?
C: We charge a percentage fee of 5%.
(Am astonished)
M: Why should you charge when I have not used it?
C: Are you Sathish from Wipro?
M: No, I have no relation to Wipro (except that I used their soap product some time back)
C: Aren’t you Sathish Babu.
M: No, thats what I have told you first time, my full name is Sathish K.
C: Your credit limit is 85,000.
M: Sorry, my credit limit is more than that, please check your records.
C: Oh sorry Sir. But why did you call us in the evening.
M: You called me and there was a missed call in my mobile I called up.

In the whole conversation I was wondering how they mapped my home number in Chennai to some other guy. I didn’t want to talk further yesterday since it was late in night. Since it was night my mind was also not working so I forgot to get her name.

UPDATE: After 1/2 a day of calling up three customer care representatitives I managed to talk to their Manager. He would get abck by evening why this whole thing went wrong. Hopefully I get a positive response.
Update 2: There is no call yet from citibank regarding this matter till now. Time now is 8:30pm.
Update 3: The manager called back some time back today (26th May) and apologised for the entire episode. Similar problems would not happen in future and if so I can talk directly to him.

Tags: Citibank, Bangalore, India

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