Bangalore mid-night Marathon – Report

Finally it did happen, the first ever mid-night Marathon. Since I cant run I had volunteered with the Runner’s For Life group and so I stood at water station for 5hrs since the start. I was accompanied by other members in the group.
The turn-out was not all that great. For Full Marathon there would have been around 60 – 70 runners which is very less in number. The half-marathon saw lot of runners.
Kannada actress Ramya was the guest of honour. The full-marathon was flagged off at 12:15am.

(What a space for fashion??!!)

Crossover did create history but…

…what matters is

For more photos, click here.

The Crossover group guys manning the water point near SAP Labs office ran away after 3hrs of start of the race. Luckily we were there to provide the runners with water from our additional supply.
I dont think the mid-night Marathons should be conducted since, there are no shops open at that time. Secondly, as such there is not much crowd support in Bangalore and being in mid-night there was no crowd at all except runners and their families and countable number of guys like me. Amateur runners definitely had a tough time during the run.

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3 thoughts on “Bangalore mid-night Marathon – Report

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  2. hi.
    actually i had participated inmid night half hn no. was 1210.i had completed the race in app. 2:40 hr.still i do not receave any certificate.

    my address.
    vikas malik
    100 feet ring road.
    #69, panchali apartment(a-8)
    j.p nagar

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