Kingfisher Airlines – Fly the good Times

Travelling by Kingfisher airlines after a long time I could see that lot of things have changed. Now they have “Live TV” which is provided by Dish TV guys.
On Wednesday night when the flight was scheduled to depart at 8:45pm to Delhi from Bangalore there was no announcement till 8:30pm while the normal boarding time is 8:15pm. What was surprising was that the monitors were displaying status as “Boarding” when there was no information on which gate to go to. They need to keep the customers, sorry guests updated.
The food served was overall good but the quality of roti in he vegetarian plate needs improvement.

In the return flight from Delhi to Bangalore immediately after I got in I was watching the screen in front of me. The flight was stationary and waiting for other passengers to board but the display in the monitor is “Ground Speed 3km/hr”. How in the world will there be a speed without movement??
Another comedy of error’s was before landing in Bangalore, “Distance to destination 0 km” but “Time to destination 00:01:07”!! Keeps you guessing, aint it.
In the return flight, it was not a Live TV but a repitition of programme played yesterday. Makes me wonder if the sticker stuck on all seats is just a gimmick??
What I can’t understand is:
1. Why do people keep the tray in front open before take-off & landing?? Don’t they know it should closed?? Are they first time travellers?? Why does it require the air-hostess to come and tell them??
2. Are people so busy that they need to connected all the time?? If they say keep your mobiles switched off while take-off and landing do so. Don’t try to be smart. The air-hostess should simply take away their phones.
3. Why do you remove the seat belt as soon as the plan touches the land?? What if the flight goes off the runway??

Why does the captain have to say “there are other flights available”?? Is he telling that if we are not impressed with the service just shut the f*** up and get onto other flights??
But one thing is their service is very good. They got very friendly staff who look after all your needs.

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