Telecom operators??!!

Everyother telecom operator is interested in just selling with no interest of customer in mind. Few months back I went to Airtel for temporary suspension of my brothers mobile and today when I go back to them for re-activation, surprise. The conversation follows below:

Airtel CC: “The account is active, Sir”.
Me: Thank You but why, it was supposed to be under temporary suspension
ACC: Am not sure, Sir. Could be some technical issues (Am surprised on hearing this)
Me: I cant understand, what is the exact issue.
ACC: Sir, the person who took your request quit the organisation
Me: SO??
ACC: Am not sure why, if you come tomorrow I can give the reason.

Then I walk into Hutch shop for my connection conversion to postpaid from prepaid. After intial discussion the topic changed to spamming by Hutch.
Me: I recieve lot of calls & messages from Hutch which I call as spam
Hutch CC: They are not spam, Sir. Its marketing.
Me: (Philip Kotler will die if he hears this method of marketing) Its still called as spam
HCC: Very easy Sir. Send a SMS to 111 with message DND and we need time of 72hrs.
Me: Shouldn’t all your messages have this text. In Internet Marketing all messages at bottom have text send mail to this id for un-subscribing.
HCC: We are bringing this soon.
Me: Thats after TRAI regulation, why not by yourselves??
HCC: We will take this feedback, Sir.
(Without writing anything he would make a note, wow!!)

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2 thoughts on “Telecom operators??!!

  1. One of those frustrated Airtel customer here..
    Trapped by the words Re.1 per min for my STD calls, thru Corporate connections, and feeling home sick in the first year of getting a job, took an Airtel postpaid in Jan ’07.

    But learnt that Im paying too much as rent than the no. of calls that I make, and not too many frenz out there in Bangalore, I decided to close my conn and stay with prepaid.

    I submitted my request for closing the postpaid conn on Feb 2nd, 2007 and their reply was in 15 days the connection will be automatically terminated. And since, there was no deposit to be refunded, I got their response slip, and forgot in days after..

    On Feb 21st (My monthly billing cycle) I received the bill. Taken by surprise, took my friend’s postpaid, called the Cust care.. As expected, my connection was not terminated.
    Reason : Some technical problem from their side..

    Poor fellow: I asked them to bill it from my card directly, since i stay a bit far frm Airtel Postpaid offices.,

    In a week i got a “confirmation” call, stating my connection is inactice.
    But for next 2 months, my connection was not closed (March, April) and I was billed for rental.

    I complained to the following email id
    (Found it thru, Airtel corporate website)

    and sent an email stating, if this continues, I’ll take legal action (Though i dont know what and how – again, poor customers.. We are affordable to take a connection not to file a case in court and running behind it.)

    After 3 months of struggle, now my connection is closed and whatever the payments were done thru my Credit Card were reversed..

    Lessons Learnt :
    Never go for Credit Card billing options.
    As far as possible, use a prepaid connection, if you dont like it, switch to a different operator, Since the ball is on ur court.

    Fees paid, For this lesson to be learnt:
    Atleast 50 calls to Customer care getting other’s mobile (Since i dont have the Airtel postpaid),
    Extra Interest that I paid to my Credit Card.

    Thought its worth sharing it here,. Am sure this wud not have happened
    a) Had i knew Kannada/Hindi
    b) Had i been in TamilNadu
    c) Had i heard of such an experience previously.

  2. Correction:
    Last line: It wud have happened anywhere in India/World, but i could have dealt with it, probably, without all these stress. 😦

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