Make your trip

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Ganesh & myself plan to meet up this Saturday (12th May 2007) or Sunday (13th May 2007) in Chennai to discuss further on “Make Your Trip“. The meeting place is not yet decided.
The 10 destinations for the trip has been chosen. If you know about any of these places, do make a mention.

* Pandavapura (Near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka)
* Ului (Near Karwar, Karnataka)
* Mungal (South of Hydrebad, AndhraPradesh)
* Sangam (Near Nellore, AndhraPradhesh)
* Uttumalai (Near Tenkasi, TamilNadu)
* Jayamkondacholapuram (Near Mannarkudi, TamilNadu)
* Chembakolli (Near Nilgiris, TamilNadu)
* Kottar (Near Quilon, Kerala)
* Kaladi (Near Cochin, Kerala)
* Valiyanur (Between Kozhikode & Tellicherry, Kerala)

Tags: Travel, Adventure, Backpack, Chennai, India


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