Royal Knights – 1st Anniversary Celebrations

Royal Knights the alternate bullet group in Bangalore and which is also available in two other cities is 1 year old. This definitely means bike ride and celebrations. The chosen destination was Orchid Resorts in Waynad. Nearest landmark is Sultan Bathery. The resort is nice and eco-friendly, the staff are very friendly and rush to provide whatever asked for.
Well the ride started on Saturday (5th May) early in the morning. Of course some people were late to arrive but everything went well and started off at 7:00. Filled petrol for the bike and the next halt was Cafe Coffee Day on Mysore Road. Indradhanush is next to it and is a less crowded place for breakfast unlike Kamath which is always pouring with loads of people.

After this halt I was not doing very fast but slightly slow but reached far ahead of the other group coz the group had to take a diversion at Srirangapatnam due to some lorry strike!!
During the ride, it was more like I was doing a solo and I thought of enjoying it.

I stopped for some coconuts water near Gundulpet and later in Muthunga forest for tea, banana & some rice. The guys who have this shop actually live in a tree house!!

In the forest I never exceeded speed of 40km/hr as I was looking out for some animals. I did spot a snake and a big chameleon (lizard family). There was also a group of wild elephants which I heard did attempt charging at on-lookers on the road.

In the evening started a heavy rain which prevented us from taking our bikes out. How do we get into town, luckily for us Gurinder, the sardar came all the way in a cab!! since his bike was under repairs and he was not allowed to drive his car all the way. We used the cab to go to the town and had good omlette and tea!!
The campfire also looked to be out of scope luckily the rains stopped and we did have campfire. with some songs.
Today morning we got up to finish our breakfast and few in the group had already started off to ooty while some went to cliff nearby or not sure if they actually went. I started off with two more back to Bangalore.
On the way back we again spotted elephants but did not have any guts to stop and take the camera out to click some pictures!!
We did have few more stops, but were lucky enough to have escaped the rains close to Bangalore!!
Yeah, from the time of start things did not go as per plan but it was a great ride. Nice place and good resort with good ambience. 586kms in all and it was worth every km of it, except for the traffic. The Mysore Highway in the return journey actually looked like Bangalore roads. Believe that this highway is not enough to handle the traffic nor the hotels to accomodate for eating!! Where else can people go in a city where there is no possibility for entertainment except shopping malls and costly cinema theaters.


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