Do you know what is Espresso. If not just drop into any coffee shop, be it Kalmanai @ Forum, Cafe Coffee Day or Barista. “Sir, its black coffee”. I know it you moron, dont try to be smart.
If I didnt know what it is why would I order? I have had Espresso in the country where it originated from and dont try to teach me.
Are you discouraging me?? Or does it involve too much raw material and you want to save them for your coffee shop??
I am not a regular coffee drinker but I know what are the contents in each of them served.
Worst of it is order Espresso in Cafe Coffee Day, they would it give it in a big cup even if you order for shot!! Not only the cup that matters, they also add a good amount of water to it. Hey guys if you dont know to make a proper Espresso tell us & remove it from the menu card. Never ever put a board in your coffee shop mentioning that you serve international coffee when all you do is screw up big time.

Tags: Espresso, Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, Bangalore, India


2 thoughts on “What is ESPRESSO?

  1. Better drink good ‘ol filter coffee in B’lore and Chennai. Anything else and one is disappointed.

    BTW, Starbucks is planning to open 40 shops across India. Probably they will have the Espresso you want.

  2. @ravi
    Yeah, filter coffee is better in Chennai than in Bangalore. Bangalore la makkaluku rasanai kedayadu!!!
    lets see what starbucks does when they open up in india

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