Cricket & Professionalism

If anybody said that cricket is just a sport lets enjoy it, you are wrong. Just see the way Australia but their pure professional approach to the game have enjoyed successwhich no other team has in past few years. In 2003 World Cup finals they slaughtered Indians and made them look like hunted animals and this year it was turn of SriLankans. It was Ponting then and Gilchirst now.

By this professional approach they ensure that if the innings is set to a pace no one coming later ontributes to reducing this pace. Its maintained.
Till yesterday if somebody is a non-performer, when it matters he just turns around. Gilly did not score in the 10 odd games played in the World Cup but in the finals he just smashed the Lankans all over the ground.
Another instance is Mathew Hayden, he was dropped for few matches before the start of World Cup but out here he performed. Ever reliable Glenn McGrath, it would be sad to miss him but he knew where to pitch the ball and that it where it was every time and never deviated much.

There are lot more which can be talked about. Now it is upto other cricket playing countries to adapt new changes to be successfull and beat Australia in years to come.
Such is the dominance though for in last three World Cup’s there has never been any other clear winner. Congrats to dominant Australians.

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