Leave them alone

If a Periyar statue is damaged what have Brahmins got to do with it. Why is it not possible that other communities might have damaged it. For this cutting the sacred thread (Poonal) of Temple priests and attacking other Brahmins, where is the security for them. As such Brahmins are the real minority section in TamilNadu and on top of it there is no security for them. Why is not possible that people who attacked Brahmins damaged Periyar statue??
While I strongly condemn the act of vandalism on a statue, I more strongly condemn the attacks on poor Brahmins.
What about the bird CROW which also takes its part in damaging statue of almost everyone with its droppings? Why not catch the crows and slaughter it??

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One thought on “Leave them alone

  1. They the “the.kaa” party only play with Brahmins. Although they know the Brahmins dont have anything to do with this Periiiiyar statue.. They have no courage to do it with other communities or religions. They can plant a “P” statue in front of Hindhu temples. My question is will they have courage to do such kind of ackward acts in front of a Church or Mosque??

    There was a saying “Only religious people will destroy temples, churches and mosques, But dont you ever hear an athiest doing such things??” Born as a Brahmin and living as an strict atheist this moment i am very much stunned and shameful by seeing such kind of ackward acts of hurting others personal religious sentiments by this so called “Periyar” groups.

    They are doing none other than targeting a particular community. These people are adding more shame to the atheist community.

    A true atheist never attempt to hurt others religious sentiments until otherwise he is targeted by the religious acts and religious people.

    Hopeless people!, Meaningless acts!!

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