Surprise Rain

Today evening rains started all of a sudden and took Bangloreans by surprise completely. What started off as a heavy downpour at around 6:30pm kept fluctuating after that between heavy & moderate rainfall accompanied by lightning & thunder.

The rains not only made me run for shelter after getting down from company bus but also made me change plans for the night and next 3 days to come!!

Ofcouse in Bangalore there can be no rains without flooding the roads. Near my house in Koramangala where I cant see any tar on the road but only stones everywhere, its clogged with water.

Also. a mention should be made of car drivers who think they can be the only one on the road and bully the walkers. Like for instance, when I was walking back home when the rains turned to drizzle a lady driving the car and coming behind me kept on honking while there was no space for me to give her way. It was just water everywhere. Can the drivers be more responsible and stop bullying poor walkers like me.
Can this be called Summer Showers?? I don’t think Bangloreans would complain this much needed rain which comes as respite from the terrible heat.

Tags: Rain, News, Bangalore, India


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