Wake Up call Chennai

Forget all those talk on who gets how much percentage of reservation in education. Can the print media (Newspapers & Television) give more space for highlighting the need for infrastructure. About 10 years back Bangalore started off and today everyone can see how Bangalore is. Chennai learnt from there and improving on infrastructure but the pace of work is not best suited. Probably Chennai would not get so bad as Bangalore but…

For instance, the one straight road from Velachery meets at a junction. The right turn takes to Raj Bhavan and the left to Guindy. Close to the signal there is always a traffic jam. One good thing is instead of switching to manual the cop still persist with automatic signal so there is a quite an amount of traffic movement constantly. But another 6 months, that section is definitley going to explode.

The next one is after turning left from Anna University into Kotturpuram Road keep going straight. There is one signal junction, this is perfectly fine. The real problem is when you head straight down still further and get down from Kotturpuram bridge. The right takes to Adyar Boat Club junction after 500 mts. There is always a choke till about 1/4 of the bridge and proceeding till the signal. I believe the signal pattern needs to be changed. This could enable some free movement.

There are lot more places where traffic jam do occur. But these look like new spots of trouble.

Of course the fact does remain that even with more number of vehicles of all shapes & sizes than Bangalore, the traffic in Chennai keeps moving rather than stagnating for half-an-hour.

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6 thoughts on “Wake Up call Chennai

  1. Dude, I like the new template of your site. Its excellent. How did you configure it ?

    I know you are recovering from an injury now, but is your sight set on any future run event ?

    Best wishes…Ravi.

  2. @ravi
    thnx for the comment. WordPress has standard templates and we can edit the topbar photo & also the sidebar widgets… its easy to create pages as compared to blogger…
    of course i should be back in shape before Mumabi Marathon 2008 or Chennai Marathon in October 2007…

  3. @barbi
    yep, of course i do… of late am not that regular since i am travelling quite frequently… & slightly slowed down not to aggravate my injury..

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