Sensationalism & Indian media

Indian media had a field day today with Sachin speaking out against the coach for all players but with always a “ME” and “MY”!! How funny to be a selfish team-man.

None of the media questioned him why got out to such a bad shot in a big game. There is no point owning responsibility now when everything is over. He comes into the team after long time and plays a different ball game. Of course it is known fact that he has never performed when it matters which is what does not make him a great batsman unlike Sir Vivivan Richards.

Greg Chappell on his part should take the blame for experimenting too much with the team planning to find the right combination which never happened.

Turn on to any news channel such a seemingly un-important news item like this has gained so much of time slots and loads of discussion. I partly feel the Indian media themselves try to get in something. After such kind of incidents they go interviewing others with a tale similar to “Five blind men washing an elephant”. Hence NEWS.

To sum it, what else could be Dravid’s reaction…

Tags: Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Greg Chappell, Cricket, India


2 thoughts on “Sensationalism & Indian media

  1. Sathish,
    you have once again come up with a good analysis of indian cricket. But dont u think the Chappell would have had a more successful tenure if Ganguly was kicked out of the team earlier. Ganguly, I guess influenced the senior players and created a rift in the team. Sachin has , as you rightly pointed out, never performed when the team needed on the contrary it has been the unsung heroeslikes Yuvraj Singh, Mohd Kaif and Ajit Agarkar who have won tough games for India

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