Dear Mr. Chief Minister

Vote politics is very well known to happen but not to this extent. Yes, the Supreme Court of India quashed earlier minister Arjun Singh’s order of 27% reservation to OBC’s. This does not mean that a bandh should be called for to gain the votes. Next time please do think of other activities that happens in the state and also the economic situation.
The bandh was called for on March 31st and this date happens to be the last closing date for banks and filing advance income tax returns. This date I don’t think can be extended just for one state in India.
Calling for bandh by ruling party means closing down all shops and stopping the bus & train services. Calculate the loss that is incurred on this one single day.
Can we have a ruling or law enforced at the center or by the Supreme Court that bandh’s cannot be declared in any state. Bandh is a mean for protesting a decision or an activity but not at common man’s cost.
Yes, you were gracious enough to give 2kg of rice and television set’s which we don’t think of much, but this was just not needed.
When the Cauvery Water issue ruling was also passed by Supreme Court, Karnataka goverment called for bandh and later postponed it since there was Aeroshow happening in Bangalore and this would affect the common man who wants to see the show and thereby incur loss. When this goverment can do such a smart thing why can’t it happen in TamilNadu?
Lets see the larger picture than rather sit and count how many votes can be generated.
Can anyone take note of this…

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3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Chief Minister

  1. No way i am supporting the bandh, but I thought having the bandh on Saturday instead of week day itself was a smart move.

  2. @sagaro
    thanks for correcting me.
    i am still trying out some stuff in wordpress and this damn thing is not importing all my posts from blogger. Only 434 out of 618 are imported.

    Yes, supporting the bandh is different but not when they call for it on last working day of the fiscal year. One should think of the implications.

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