barCamp Bangalore 3 – Photo Essay – Part 1

With lot of security check in place I managed to walk into the IIM, Bangalore campus even though my name was not to be found in the list of registered participants for BCB3. It was of course quite a surprise that my name was not to figure in the list even though a search in wiki page would show my name!!!
After sometime there was a big queue like the one you find in temples especially when they offer free sundal and pongal (God’s prasadam).

As always Kribs walked upto the stage to talk about the concept of BarCamp while Sagaro talked about law of two feet. For all you perverts two bullets down your…..
(During introduction session & end of it. Lot of people are here for first time!!)

(Check out second photo, jaragandi jaragandi)

Its a real funny thing to watch participants take down the session timings like their school board exam results.

If Y! has few big thinkers or they think so, well so am I!!

We had our local thamizh actor Ramarajan making an appearance in the form of MuthuOnline. Later in the day we had “Un smile thaan nooru mile ku irruke”, Mr.Kribs. There was this sanyasi who was trying to attain salvation in a BARcamp!!

There was a big debate that should happen in Bangalore and not in Chennai. Firstly I did not like this argument. If guys in Bangalore wanted the event to happen here first then they should have thought about it. Guys in Chennai organise it then they would of course do it in Chennai only. There is no point in fighting between Bangalore or Chennai. Guys grow up.

While all this was happening, Arpit another main organiser was caught napping!!

Rajan did a good job of summarising in the end.

Forming queues is quite disciplinary thing but not sure about it in un-conference. Like in the morning, queue was formed on either side of the counter to collect t-shirts.

All along we thought this guy Sagaro was straight till he told his frequent visits to NASA when in Bangalore.

Finally, this guy Keshav took the initiative and with help of others managed to pull of the show.

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5 thoughts on “barCamp Bangalore 3 – Photo Essay – Part 1

  1. @barbi
    am not sure which photos ur talking about!! 🙂 🙂

    cool man.. its like MTV Bakra show.. some one has to get captured like that and written like that.. its a problem with paparazzi!!! 🙂

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