Helsinki Trip

By couchsurfing site I had made friends and confirmed my accomodation with them. There is of course not much for sight seeing in Helsinki. Its definitely a place to relax during vacation. There are lot of shops near the main Railway station. Its a major shopping area and one can also walk to see around rather than taking a bus/tram/train.
But climate changes are not uncommon during the month I believe. When I landed the weather was sunny but next day morning it was raining thereby had to change my plans of sight seeing and just laze around in the rain.
Quite crazy characters I found like this guy who was skating in frozen river.

There were quite lot of sculptures around.

I still don’t understand why they have such a huge ball outside a supermarkt!!

It was raining and mist covered, the cathedral photo explains it.
The old kind of building’s, architecture looks completely different.

There is also this skating ring in public, its open and right opposite the railway station.

Next day I took the ferry to Suomenlina. Firstly it was stupid that they did not have any person behind the counter to issue tickets. There was of course a vending machin to take tickets, but the minimum number is more than 1!! If you are a solo backpacker then you cant take a ticket. I got into a group of an American couple and a German to get myself a ticket. The cost for one ticket is 3Euro 80Cents.
Its an island fortress and long back during war times it was used both by the Russian and Swedish armies. Currently, it still has Naval Academy on side of the island and on the other side museums & beach. Check out the beach below.

It takes about 2hrs to take a look around the island. If one sees all the museums then it would take still longer time. The sign boards are quite an advantage here to prevent one from getting lost even if one wants to cant happen unless you jump into the river.
I managed to capture this sparrow and duck. Check out the green color on the duck. These kind of duck’s are quite common around here and they are migrants!!

The House of Ministry, the Parliment looked quite majestic from the ferry. Not to leave the ship which was to take in the later in the evening to Stockholm.


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