It has to happen to me

I am not sure why such incidents always happen to me. Is it to make my trip’s adventurous or are there any mistakes from my side??
But there is always a bright side at the end of each incident!!

1. Before leaving India for Germany I gave my jacket for dry cleaning. Even after 7 days I did not get it. Finally I had to borrow one from my friend.
Well, the jacket was Liverpool and lot of people enquired whether am fan of theirs. Couple of girls also who showed interest and we had short conversation on Liverpool team and their victory over Barcelona!!
2. When I started my travel from Heidelberg to Hamburg, the train ran into problems. Had to change over to a bus and from next station catch a train to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt I missed my original train so was put into ICE train till Cologne to catch the earlier train.
Well, I would not have travelled in ICE if not for this problem.
3. I was planning for vacation to Helsinki & Stockholm. The weather was so bad at one point of time that I was contemplating to cancel my trip and head somewhere else. But some time I decided am travelling and booked my tickets.
As luck would have it, the weather changed and the temperature was around 5deg which was ideal for travel.
4. In Stockholm, the hostel where I made reservation initially turned out to be a bad experience. While they told me in the mail to reach before 11:00am even at 10:30 am there was no response on the door. When called I got a message that their office was closed till 2:00pm!!
I went to the Hote/Hostel reservation center at the Railway station and as luck would have it, met a Bengali from India who took me to his hostel where there was space available and I made couple of friends over there!!
5. In Stockholm I was out of money and almost all automatic machines did not accept my card. I was thinking of options on how to get some money and finally in the evening I found one which did accept the card. I was able to head to club after that and dance the night before boarding the bus to airport for my return to Frankfurt.
6. In my return journey to Bangalore, from Paris after flying for 1hr the Captain of Air France informed there was technical issue with regard the air-conditioning system. So he cant fly above 1800mts. Nor can he land since the plane was loaded with fuel and they have to burn it completely. This took about 6hrs and we were just rotating about 87kms radius of Paris airport.
We landed at 5:00pm local time in Paris again and after 45minutes changed to a new plane. So instead of landing at mid-night here in Bangalore we reached in the morning about 7:00am and it was perfectly fine!!

Whenever I go on any trip such kind of incidents do happen. Probably if they don’t then something is terribly wrong somewhere. Looking forward to more of such in my future trips!!


4 thoughts on “It has to happen to me

  1. You have trained urself to see the good side of all things whenever they go wrong… but did u see the good things when u thought abt those incidents later or as and when they happened??

    good for u!!!!

  2. @potpourri
    probably thats why i remember most of my trips made in past 3yrs…
    i remember i was also almost washed away in Kanyakumari by the sea..

    there is always light at the end of the tunnel.. if you have reached the end and still there is no light, just take a turn…

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