Hiking in Ulm

Three hour journey by slow train from Heidelberg with a changeover at Sttutgart I reach Ulm to meet my cousin. The main idea I had in mind this time was to do some hiking in Ulm, so we start with the cathedral. Its the tallest church in the world and we need to climb 768 spiral steps to reach the top.

From the top you get a nice view of the Alps but unfortunately it was cloudy and we didnt get a clear view, probably spring time would have been better.

While starting our climb there were some who while coming down said it was very difficult but when reaching the top I did not find it any difficult. Probably the spiral staircase added to the effect.

In the evening around 4:00pm we started our second hike along the river Danube. It was not a tough one but we did quite a long stretch and we were back by around 7:00pm which meant approximately 3hrs of hike with 2 breaks.

(Hotel slanted to one side. This Restaurant stands on water)

Next day morning we went to Ulm University to take one umbrella for protection against rain. Yeah it was raining from morning and also quite windy. but we couldnt walk long since the umbrella became a boat twice and anymore might break it!! After some time it started raining quite heavily thats when we decided to return after halting for some time. Could have done lot more if the weather was better.

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