Walk through the woods

After a day of skiing, the next day we went for a long walk through the woods. About 2kms from the ski house we parked the cars and then started the journey. This place is called “Ice Tobal”. You walk down first to reach water stream. This was covered with ice in most parts and I did have a good fall once. Good fall is just the opposite of bad fall.

Then it was a long walk along the water stream. We stopped after about 1hr of walking since we needed to return. But one can still walk a long way further for another good 2hrs. Covered with trees and water on one side with quite a bit of snow around it was cold enough.

This photo is not of ground but of the sides. The ice hanging can be noticed.

What needs to be mentioned is I missed India a lot in this place. In a location like that, lot of families would have gone with packed lunch and boxes with snacks and stuff, sat there to eat an wash hands in the river. Gone between the trees to take a leak. I think in that way people here don’t know how to maximise the use of natural resources, yes probably could be because there are not many people who visit this place.



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