Life is tough – 34

Why is it people crib to clean their own house. Why to appoint a servant maid, it just goes to show what one can do with money. Creation of employment if you say but why such tough work and poor pay?

Day: Sunday
Activity: Cleaning entire house
Time taken: 4hrs
Man power: 1 (thats me & me alone)
Result: Clean house and self satisfaction

One should clean their own mess.


3 thoughts on “Life is tough – 34

  1. Try claening up ur home everyday… and then say whether it is self satisfaction or back breaking!!!!

    In the same sense, u r also working for sombody else and getting paid.. similar r house maids!!! nothing to do with money power

  2. @s1
    you would know how difficult it is when you have to do all stuff by yourself outside india.. its very costly & maids arnt affordable..

    if only you could afford to!!!:-)

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