Nikkon Coolpix S10 Camera

I have bought a new cameraNikkon S10 since my old one Nikkon Coolpix 3.2Mp has gone beyond repairs.
This camera is quite a good buy and worth the cost. Its not much Rs.14,500/- in Indian Market. This has 6.0Megapixel with 10x Optical Zoom and the lens can be rotated in any direction with self portrait also possible.
The advantage is the lens movement while zooming is internal and there is no external protrusion, this should save it from any damages. The cables, battery and the memory card are all same as earlier Nikkon camera so no need of fresh investment on that front. The quality of pictures are also quite nice. This has additional feature called VR, to nullify any effect of vibrations from hand and would always come in handy.
The disadvantage is the viewing an object for clicking is always through the LCD display so if the display goes for a toss then one would be shooting pictures at arbit. The battery section is slightly inside from the cover that one needs delicate hands for palcing the battery, though this is not much of a concern.
Check out the photos below. The first two were clicked at Spencer Plaze, Chennai and the enxt two were clicked on the way from Chennai to Bangalore.

(This was clicked through the rear view mirror of my car!!)

From now on am back in action.

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