Chennai – Happening Place?!

Past 1 year has seen lot of things happening in Chennai, India. Probably what was never brought out has come out in the open in this past 1 year. Forget politics and cinema and other stuff.
What am talking about is professionals and entreprenuers coming together under one roof. Each one adding their few bits in the organising. The level of audience for some of the meets were seen never before in India for a meet of the kind. Yes, all were related to IT industry but still its a very good begining. For those who thought that IT is not for Chennai but only Bangalore they just need to look at the events. The way it was conducted and the participation. Am not talking any different the events were:
BarCamp, BlogCamp,

But frankly speaking what I believe is lacking is the marketing of these events. Yes, the attendance is huge and there are people across places who know about it. Who are these people, bloggers. What about people who dont blog arnt they missing out on such actions. There should be enough writing’s in the media which gets the attention of public with regular pumping of whats happening. I definitely feel there should be some improvement done in this regard.


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