– Conference of different kind – Create, Collaborate, Contribute was a conference of this kind was held for the first time in India. This happened over the weekend in IIT, Chennai. This was a conference where entreprenuers get to showcase their product to potential Venture Capitalist and also to professionals who could join them in further realisation of the product.
This was held on similar lines to the one being held annually in USA.
There were about 30 companies who presented and quite a number of known guys and it was nice to meet up with them after a long time.
The products presented some of them looked very simple and made many of sigh that we could have also thought of the same. Some of the ideas I listened to were
1. Helpdesk from Tenmiles
2. TracBac
3. SMS interface for ERP applications by ValueFirst (hope the name of company is correct)
4. Interface for CRM
5. Taazza by Arjun & Arun Ram brothers
6. Unleash networks

(Since my camera doesnt work am lifting photos from here)
1. Jump start Jam Ramanujam painted in white at the center

(Jam is the guy in blue shirt with white stripes)

2. Arvind (4) U 24/7 knows how to allocate time and does not believe in (mobile) number game. He has listened to the song “Ek Lo Ek Muft” from movie Guru lot number of times and misunderstood the same.
3. Refer to the photo above the guy in the middle Sagaro whose blog gets listed for any arbit search of whatever your intentions & priorities are is into Short Film making. (Don’t go by the colour of his shirt or the search terms).
4. So much of fun we had at Cafe Coffee Day inside IIT campus that lady who took our orders ran away immediately. Nope no eve-teasing probably the noise we created was unbearable.
5. The probability of your order being not available in the Cafe Coffee Day is always 1 (One).

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