Bakes & Corner

Bakes & Corner is nothing but a juice shop in CP Ramaswamy Road, Chennai located bang opposite Kirtilals Jwellery Shop.
Whats so special about this shop for a mention. Out here if you order a juice he doesnt stop with just one glas, how much ever is the quantitiy in the mixie jar he would give it to you. No extra charges for giving additional quantity.
Once you go there, you would want to be there having juice whenever you drop into that area.


4 thoughts on “Bakes & Corner

  1. Hi Satish,

    nice blog u made out of a bad template. i use the same template too

    on to the comment,

    u writing article on a juice shop, dats great. theres one in station road in mambalam. the juice ownee does the same.

    i have blogrolled u, plz do reciprocate

  2. i don know if u keep tarck of ur commenst. so i m writing here.

    dat speyer (germany) was tempting me to go there next week.
    u did ur trip there?

  3. hi sathish,

    There is one juice shop opposite to Ganpath hotel in Nungampakkam high road. Near HDFC Bank. I forgot the name. There will be hotel. in front of that the juice shop will be. They do the same. When i worked in chennai that was my regular place to have juices.

  4. @barbi
    thnx for the comments.. i do chk my blogcomments…
    am not sure of the shop in Mambalam.. probably u can tell more on it…
    ur currently in germany is it?? how long would you be there…

    yeah, there are lot of such good juice joints in chennai who give whatever quantity grinded and dont charge extra…

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