Mahabalipuram again

Last time when I was in Chennai I went to Mahabalipuram this time again I went on Christmas day with my parents. The drive as always along the East Coast Road (ECR) is awesome. There was good traffic but no jams. This time again I didnt take my camera along as its still under service. Hopefully next time around I would take the camera along.
This time unlike last time when we stayed only near the water, saw the caves, sea shore temple and of course had a dip in the water also.
The Pallavas who built the temples in the place have a very different architecture compared to Cholas (Tanjore) and Pandyas (Madurai). The caves are not finished and history says that the people fled when they were attacked. But this place still attracts quite a large number of tourists.
The major being the sea shore temple which with no light inside makes it difficult to make out which deity is inside leaving to imaginations and theories of others. The entry fee is Rs.10/- for Indians an Rs.250/- for foriegners.

The place though needs lot of improvement. There are not many proper hotels to have food. Roadside shops are fine when we go in a group of guys but not when with family.
The bus stand well this is one spot which is the reason for major traffic jams at all times of the day.
Hopefully things would improve.


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