Superstition & avoiding it

Recently after reading a news item in paper I had a real good laugh. There is political party in TamilNadu which installed Periyar statue bang opposite temple in Srirangam, Trichy.
These guys aim to remove superstition among minds of people. Can this really be achieved in a country where we hang lemon or photo to be safe on our vehicles. We burn a doll stuffed with hay before construction of house for driving away all demons. Everytime before we start on a journey we go to temple and break coconut and show camphor to god. When we buy new vehicle we take it to temple and crush lemon kept under each wheel of the vehicle. We want to sleep only in the direction of east-west for better sleep. There are lots more of similar stuff followed by we Indians. Its not only we Indians even people all over the World have their own belief.

If these are really planning to remove all such, do they actually follow it in their home? Politics is such a nasty thing that politicians preach to all & sundry standing in a dias. When it comes to there own home none of what they speak is followed. If they cant convince their own families to follow their ideologies then why go around fooling the public. Well, the public is really a fool otherwise why would they waste their time in listening to such crap they might do something useful, aint it.

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2 thoughts on “Superstition & avoiding it

  1. hi kela,
    As much as I agree with most of yours, I have some thing that might make you think. My argument is regarding the east-west sleeping comment you made.
    I thought everything that was superstituion has t be dismissed until I found some reasons I found logical enough.
    Here is some food for thought:
    It is well known about the earth’s magnetic field. The reason it is advised to sleep east west is because, the head is considered the magnetic north of the human body and the feet the magnetic south. It has been proven that like poles repel etc…a good reason why it is recommended against sleeping north-south.

    I find there is some reason to what is being practiced. What is missing is a scientific or a logical explanation to things.

    take care dude!


  2. @padmakshan
    yes, sleeping position does have some science behind it.. but not hanging lemon & green chillies.. nor breaking pumpkin on the roads…

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