IRCTC – Online Train Ticket Reservation

Some months back when this online reservation was introduced it was really a great concept and it still is. But these days there are lot of issues with this site. I hope they fix it soon and not let it die down like any other stuff thats been happening.
How many attempts, the payment goes through without any problem but finally there is no ticket for printing. Check the below image.

I sent a mail to IRCTC guys without any response!!


6 thoughts on “IRCTC – Online Train Ticket Reservation

  1. Did you check out the booking history? Sometimes, your ticket might have gone there?

    If not, don’t worry, as this happened to me once and I got the refund within a couple of days. Just go ahead and rebook…

  2. Although IRCTC refunds the amount but it ends up blocking the funds for 2 – 4 days. I just tried to book a ticket and the payment was made successfully but no ticket has been generated. I tried again but again the same thing. I checked my account after that and I found that the amount for both the bookings have been deducted from my savings account. In my past 6 months of experience with this site this is 5th time this kind of stuff has happened. On contacting the customer support the old record plays again and again “… sorry … it will be refunded … please rebook …”.

    What kind of company would design a system that takes a payment and then doesn’t generates a ticket. I have decided to refrain from using this site from now on. My travel agent is more reliable at least i make payment only after receiving the ticket.

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