Where do you want to drive??

Today morning I saw an accident in Whitefield, Bangalore. Well the accident was really bad involving two Tata Sumo’s. From KTPO in Whitefield, vehicles which want to touch the main road for reaching GE office or to go to Radha Hometel need to come up take a left turn and drive few meters and then take a U-Turn. But drivers are generally lazy and take a right turn and drive on the wrong side of the road.
Well this driving caused one such accident today morning. Both the sumo’s front was damaged badly.
What could have been prevented by just a common sense. This is not the only place where the problem is. The same problem exists even near Satellite Goods Terminal in Whitefield where its worse cause they are trucks.
Whatever you say or do these driver’s persist to drive on the wrong side of the road to save fuel and also distance and time. But what is the result.

Can something be done for this?

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3 thoughts on “Where do you want to drive??

  1. accidents happen every where.

    last month it happened near my office in airport road, the entire blame on a bus driver.

    the possible solution wud be to enforce strict traffic rules. accidents are almost averted in america coz of dis. also highways need more attention

  2. even enforcing strict traffic rules would not be of much help.. basically every driver should be educated enuf to understand, but yes, even educated fools drive on the wrong side of the road…
    there shld be discipline…

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