Bike ride to Srirangapatnam

Today early morning myself and two more guys went for a ride on thunderbird to Srirangapatnam about 120ks from Bangalore. I managed to get the other two guys thru orkut community Royal Knights. The other two also had thunderbird only. At Kanakapura Road – Mysore Road junction one guys bike ran into problems. A call was made to Royal Enfield 24hrs mechanic Manjunath. We were not sure if things would be ok so we two left him to wait for mechanic and went on with the journey. Of course he said he would be going back home.
1hr later he calls & tells us he’s on the way. Not much of a problem, only the spark plug needed a change it seems. We waited for him in Cafe Coffee Day where two English guys were discussing looking at our bikes and had a closer inspection also.
Later we continued our journey and at Srirangapatnam another guy had an oil leak problem. The tube had come off so we spent some time fitting it back.
Srirangapatnam has two temples and Tipu Sultan’s cemetry and few other points related to Tipu Sultan’s period.
We were not much interested in seeing the place but rather driving. So we again started back towards Bangalore. Enroute we had lunch at Shivalli hotel next to Cafe Coffee Day.

The ride was very good especially from Srirangapatnam till Indra Danush (lunch point) where I drove at a constant speed of 80km/hr without increasing nor decreasing. Post lunch the traffic was lot on the highway and it took some time .

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