Employee safety??

Today morning I was witnessing an accident outside Salarpuria GR Tech Park in Whitefield close to ITPL. It was TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) company shuttle.
There is no right turn possible right outside the building. Few meters down the road vehicles have to take a U-Turn. But TCS shuttles stop bang opposite the building and employee’s have to cross the road. Surprising that even employee’s dont tell anything and happy to run across the road.
I drove my bike through honking and there was another bike guy who was following me honking. Few meters down I did not find him behind after I take a U-Turn and come towards Salarpuria building I find this bike guy down on the road after hitting an employee of TCS who was running across. Luckily it was not a major accident.
These kind of accidents can be prevented if only the shuttle drivers are told to take a U-Turn and stop. Also, the employees need to emphasise this since its their safety also which is in question.
Hope things will change from tomorrow. I have initiated action from my side if there is no change tomorrow then I would have to register a complaint with TCS admin guys. Hope I dont get a chance for that.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to bring dis-repute to the company but to bring awareness to employees of this company as well as other companies.


2 thoughts on “Employee safety??

  1. @rajesh
    yeah, i used to play football during my school days…
    I support Chelsea.. ManU is only full of big names with no great game ala Indian Cricket Team

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