Chennai & Observations

Rains have affected Chennai like anything. Firstly after Tsunami it looks like the rain pattern has changed in these regions. Never before have I seen so much rains in the city. The roads are now damaged in most of the areas. Luckily the stretch of road from Airport towards Koyambedu (where Bus Stand is located) and towards Anna Salai extending towards Beach have not got affected. Rest all parts had been flooded with water still remaining on the streets even till yesterday. There are big big potholes on the city that makes you wonder whether your vehicle will breakdown with a tyre puncture or so. This would definitely affect the suspension of the vehicle.

I see currently that people have turned crazy while driving, especially the two wheelers. There is absolute lack of discipline on the roads and this city is heading towards the way other cities in India are. This is definitely a point of concern.

I was moving at a traffic signal at Green when an auto guy wanted to jump his side of signal. I later caught up with him and asked why he did it his answer startled me “You are talking as if you don’t jump signals”. What the f*.

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One thought on “Chennai & Observations

  1. hi ..

    I have to agree with you that as populaion of vehicles is increasing the discipline is degrading ! But i dont understand why do you have to compare chennai with other cities. it sounds like chennai was the best city in traffic discipline !! if that is the case then i strongly disagree with you. There are many cities in India which have a much better traffic regualtion !!!

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