Sariska Tiger Reserve

What a surprise when I heard that this reserve has actually no TIGERS!! I was for one minute shocked. Well I came to see some tigers and if possible catch them on my camera. But here I was where I am told there are none. All are poached. They are trying to get tigers from other sanctuary and not sure if they will actually get them.

They were happy to tell me there are few leopards but I didnt find any of them also. I was alone which meant I have to shell out more money for going into the forest. After much discussion some more joined and the price came down considerably. We went till PanduPole, where there is a temple for Hanuman. History states that when Rama was in vanavas and on the run from asura’s there was no place to go. Our Hanuman used his gada to break the mountain. Check out the photo below.


3 thoughts on “Sariska Tiger Reserve

  1. Per legend, Alwar and nearby forests were where the Pandavs went into vanavas and it was bheema who used his gada to the break the mountain, hence the name Pandu(av)pole.

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