Alwar City (Rajasthan)

When I reached bus stand in Agra on October 16th it was around 6:30pm and I got to know there were no direct buses to Alwar and the next bus is in the morning 6:00 only. The ticket collector (conductor) was nice guy who said there is an alternative to get into the bus for Mowa and from there catch another bus to Alwar. Since I took the plunge into the adventure I went ahead and got into the bus. It was 9:30pm when the bus reached Mowa. I had quite a good conversation with fellow traveller who sometimes confused me time and again whether the word he was using was English or Hindi or Rajasthani. At Mowa another traveller who got down walked with me till bus stop where I can get bus to Alwar. At 10:00pm in the night the bus came. As soon as I got into the bus and found a seat I was to mediate between two fighting guys without any knowledge of Rajasthani and my limited knowledge of Hindi. One of the guy was drunk and he was sitting next to me. During the journey he also offered me sweets which I did take after looking at others who took sweet from him.
When I touched Alwar it was 12:00am exactly. I was shocked that this was not a village but rather a town. I actually wanted to spend my time in a village, but since I got down and no way of changing my plan I stuck to this town. I got into a cycle rickshaw and went around the city for 1.5hrs looking for food. In the meantime I confirmed that for Hotel accomodation I can come at any time. I stayed in Asoka Hotel right next to Alwar Bus Stand. The rent for one day was Rs.200/-. There was also street play happening all through the night, I wasnt much interested in that at that moment.

Next day morning (Oct. 17th) I took a bus to Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary where I got one more surprise. By the time I returned to the city it was evening. On the way back I had a chat with priest of a temple. He inivited me to his house during my next visit and also to stay along with him & his family. He stays in a typical village probably that would be a nice try next time am there.
From 9:30pm I roamed around the city, had my dinner in a road side dabba near the railway station. I had another interesting conversation with a Sardar and few others who visited the dabba. After dinner, I tried taking few shots of empty roads with my camera. My camera doest give good night pictures. When I returned to my room it was morning 1:00.

On Oct. 18th I vacated my room & with my bag went around the City Palace which houses Collectors Office, District Magistrate. I took general walk around this place.
Its a total difference.

After walking for around 3hrs around City Palace and unable to go to the fort since its Radio Transmitter Station, I returned to the bus stand took the bus back to Gurgoan.

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4 thoughts on “Alwar City (Rajasthan)

  1. Hi Sathish,

    Nice to hear abt yr Alwar trip.. did you like Sariska.. you shld have also visited Siliserh Lake site while on way back to alwar city.. and Moti Dungri Fort/ City palace / Comapny gardens while at Alwar… anyhow this was the first city which had broad, parallel lined roads during early times with traffic lights at cross roard when traffic lights were unheard off..the maharaja was quite progressive & liked to live it up in style.. i have heard he used to own huge hound dogs which were sent to shimla by cars during summers as the heat in alwar becomes unbearable due to the stone hills all round.. well i think i have bored you enough.. i know all this as i used to visit alwar a lot during childhood days .. my mother belonged to the city.


  2. @param
    i dint knw that much abt the city.. it was a nice city tho i was initially disappointed that the place was not what i had xpected it to be.. i thot of it to be a village and lot of camels walking on the streets but i found auto’s & cycle rickshaw’s…

  3. I have never been to Alwar or Sariska and it was sad to read your sariska post. Once again if you have uploaded pictrures in this post, I can’t see them.

  4. @mridula
    it was a surprise when he said no TIGERS!!
    i linked 2 yahoo album & dint work.. nw used flickr hope the images can be seem

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