Don (2006) – Movie Review

Don (2006), the movie has got few twists compared to the original though the storyline and the base is the same. I got reminded of few English movies Diamonds Are Forever (mid air fight sequence for the parachute), Con Air (transport of convicts), Fast & Furious (driving the car from below the truck). There were few other inspiration which am not able to map to a name though I have seen those movies.
The movie was infact boring till mid way through the second half, which was things changed slightly and looked to be little interesting. Sharukh does not have the fire in his eyes which Amitabh had. Sharukh physically does not give an image of Don but rather a guy who can only romance dancing around the bushes.
Priyanka Chopra actually doesnt do much in the movie except few sequence of dances and moving around with Don. Kareena Kapoor was almost an insult to Helen, the way she danced for the song “Yae mera dil”.
Bomman Irani does impress with his skills of acting and he does show he can take any role with lot of ease.
The background score has lot of inspirations.

Am not sure what is it that Bollywood producers dont find in India that they find in Malaysia. Almost the entire movie was shot there except the opening which is in Paris and one other sequence in India. Its actually depressing that they cant showcase India through movies.

If you can manage to wait and watch, do so. This is definitely not a must watch movie. If you can skip and save few bucks go ahead.

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