On my next trip

Tomorrow am leaving for Delhi to run the Hutch Delhi Half Marathon on Sunday. Well everyone ask’s me why am spending so much to run a marathon. I use this as an oppurtunity to visit places which otherwise I might not. There always needs to be some motivation to visit places, aint it.
If we keep planning it stays in planning stage only, so the other alternative I found out is to run marathons and take a small vacation visit few other places.
This is my first travel to Delhi. Am visiting Agra and Alwar City in Rajasthan.

More information after I return with loads of photos. In effect means no blog post for another 5 days!!


4 thoughts on “On my next trip

  1. hi sathish, hope you enjoyed the run… i too ran the half @delhi ..could only manage to complete in 2.26.
    Yu seem to be a much experienced runner ( lots of marathons)..do give me some tips. This was my 2nd half…last in Feb06 Delhi.

  2. @kanna
    yep, man i did have fun.. updates wld happen in regular intervals frm 2morrow..

    thnx man.. it was a nice run whr i got literally screwed..

    congrats on completion man.. currently i cant tip coz am working out on few strategies & getting screwed.. when i get into 1 strategy which yields results i would let u knw..

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