Business Oppurtunity in Bangalore

Wit huge amount of traffic jam and never moving traffic in certain areas, I wonder why section of people dont see this also as an business oppurtunity rather than cribbing about it.
The trafficjam spots are known to almost everyone living in this city for quite sometime. The business opprutnity I see here is providing coffee/tea, hot bajji’s, hot samosa’s and other snack items. These items can be prepared in advance and brought over to the traffic jam spots in a hot-case. Employ few guys for selling these. At these junctions go about voicing the snack items available. Rather than cursing the traffic people might just be buying few of the items just to kill time when stuck.
In the case of coffee/tea it can be brought in a flask and each cup can be designed with a cover and a straw provision. Nobody would think a lot to shell out few bucks on these.
Just look into the combination, tired brains, frustrated coz of traffic jam, listening to FM channels or other music cd’s with hot bajji’s and a cup of coffee to gulp it down.

Will there be someone who can make use of this idea and oppurtunity. I have started thinking on this, if there are some more people willing to help, we can kick start this.

After all, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

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6 thoughts on “Business Oppurtunity in Bangalore

  1. Sathish,

    Instead of using a straw, I would advise to use a plastic lid with a small opening at the edge of the plastic cup through which one can slowly drink the coffee/tea. Drinking hot coffee through a straw can burn your tongue if you make a sharp slurp.
    Also how about selling hot refreshing towels like those given out by the air-hostess in flights.


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