Self realization

Normally it is said realization dawns late. Well, I had realized certain things about myself in past few years. I knew what kind of person I was and why I was the way I was. I wanted to understand how others percieve me within the first few minutes of meeting. Which is why when I was asked to attend the course conducted by Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science I gladly welcomed and took part.
Its a 5 days residential program and I was attending the Basic course. We were clubbed together in group of 9 and these 9 had to be in a room with a facilitator. When 9 people are together ina room for full 8hrs in a day the dynamics among them changes. I got reminded of movies like SAW, 12 Angry Men and many other similar movies.
During the course I understood what I really wanted to understand. When I talked about myself I found out that people’s perception about me took a U-Turn. Many also said that they wanted to lead a life like I led but were not able and were happy that atleast someone is doing it. Of course I wasnt there to make people change the way they are and neither is that the intention.

I did like the way this course is conducted. Some of the facilitators put the entire group in utter discomfort by asking all sorts of questions. While others like the facilitator in my group had a total different way of handling things. They do throw a party on 4th day and this is also part of studying the behavior pattern.

My purpose at the end of the course was achieved and am trying to implement few of the things mentioned. Like Samuel Jackson says in Pulp Fiction movie, am in a transitional phase. Am trying hard real real hard. Time will only tell whether I move out this phase or go back to my earlier state.


6 thoughts on “Self realization

  1. Did you attend this course on your own or were you sponsored by your employer ? Tell me more about this course, is it available in Chennai ?


  2. He he..If you are in a room with 7 other people and no computer, books for 8hrs!!, I guess you can’t escape seeing each other’s faces and inevitably talking..


  3. @ravi
    i went thru my company.. one can attend as individuals also.. the course fee is lesser priced for individuals than for corporates..
    u can check out the site which wld provide info..

    its the choice we make.. abt 9 ppl inside a room with nothing else can also remain silent without uttering a word..
    like its said in Matrix, its the choice we make..

  4. a very philosophical post…

    I think you can be the next krishna in the next mahabharatha..i will be the dushaasanaa(the one who does the swayamvaram) 🙂

  5. great, i’ve always wanted to attend something like this but never got a chance..

    12 Angry Men, isn’t it a great movie..i was surprised to see someone mentioning it..i somehow thought ppl wouldn’t watch it..

  6. @anon
    i am happy to be Krishna if there wld be lot of gopika’s around!! 🙂
    thr’s still lot for me 2 learn bfore i can venture into that…
    i might be doing just that someday!!

    i’ve watched that movie about 3 times.. probably u can chk out in US.. this course is more famous there..
    & thats all this course is about, it makes u also realise not to generalise!!

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