Spam comments

There is a person from Haryana, India I think who is spamming comments section in my blog posts. The blogger profile is

There is no name attached to this blogger id except This person has commented in 21 of my posts so far. Can anyone tell me how do I complaint against this blog id to google and get it removed. This is real urgent and bad issue. This person enters with a name

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4 thoughts on “Spam comments

  1. ithukuthan, wordpress marunu soluren… Import your blogger account into wordpress…and use redirection here… then no problem … u wont lose traffic, u can block spam, u can block ip, u can block keywords, u can blacklist nodes, you can blacklist names, u can blacklist email ids and urls… tension free valkai…

  2. Dei, I swear I didnmt have anything to do with the previous 21 spam comments u got… The one above was by me… thasall/…/

  3. @sagaro
    sorry machan.. u cld ‘ve made it clear that u dint send those spam & ur only telling me to move to wordpress..
    moreover u had used the same name as the spammer..

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