RTMC 5A – Trip to Yercaud

After few trips where I found it painful driving in pillon I decided to ride the bike myself, so I took my bro’s bike while he his friend’s.
The trip was to Yercaud from 30th September – 2nd October 2006 for celebrating 5 years of RTMC.

We met at Shell Petrol Bunk in Bommanahalli on Hosur Road and after introductions and filling petrol and checking on tyre pressure we started of. We stopped for a long time in Hosur to have our breakfast.

I loved the ride while going maintaining a speed of 80km/hr – 100km/hr. Had to slow down on the stretch between Krishnagiri & Dharmapuri since the roads had many potholes. There was once a truck guy came directly in front of me and I had to move over to the muddy area on the side. The truck guy gave a sadistic smile after doing that which meant he just wanted to play with me. Not willing to spoil the moment I kept driving without stopping and fighting with him.
My bro as always was driving at a careful speed and so couldnt catch up with me and few others in the group.
We stopped in Dharmapuri briefly thinking whether we should have lunch, but it was too early and we went on to Salem where we stopped again to relax our butts. It was damn hot over there that we decided to push off after 10mins itself and started our climb. This is the first time am riding the bike on mountains so was doing this stretch little extra careful not exceeding speed of 30km/hr – 40km/hr.
The stay in Yercaud was in Hotel Shevaroy and it was really a great hotel almost like a resort but damn cheap. On that night we had a good party filled with dancing and perfect music!!

The next day 1st October there were few events conducted. Evening we went roaming around the place touching Pagoda point and Shevaroy Temple. And of course party was there in the night after cake cutting.

On 2nd October bro & myself started early by 8:45am after breakfast heading towards Karur to meet our Uncle. 1/2 the way bro’s bike clutch wire was giving problems. He managed to drive still and later found a shop to buy a replacement and fix it. 3/4th on our way to Karur the heat was too much we decided to all our Uncle and he wasnt in house. Luckily we called. We made a U-Turn and started our journey towards Bangalore. At Salem we had food at Hotel Shevaroy. They have opened newly and food was not bad. He did give huge quantity of rice. We reached Bangalore by 7:00pm.
In the return journey I had to maintain a speed of 70km/hr – 80km/hr coz we never knew when the bike my bro was driving would konk off.

In all there were about 130 odd people with more than 110 bikes.

In all we covered about 650kms and our route was Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Yercaud – Salem – Nammakal – Karur – Nammakal – Salem – Dharmapuri – Krishnagiri – Hosur – Bangalore.
On the whole it was an awesome drive, yes there was some pain in the leg at then end of journey. Some more trips and I would get adjusted..

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